Daily Tarot Reading "A New Beginning Right Around the Corner"


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πŸ’žπŸ’žLight and Love to each of you!!πŸ’žπŸ’ž

I’m a Empath, Intuitive and Tarot Reader!! Im so excited about taking this life journey with you!!

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For personal reading email me at [email protected]

www.paypal.me/destinycallstarot Paypal Link Below

Personal Readings starting at$25
4 Questions…$25
6 Questions…$35
8 Questions…$50

Type of Readings
β€’ Single Love Readings $40
β€’ Divine Feminine Divine Masculine Readings $45
β€’ General Love Reading no questions $40
β€’ Love Success Career Reading $50
β€’ Career Readings $35
Want to Ask 1 Question get A 3Card Pull w/Clarification Text (213) 822-0378…$7 per question

I’m A….
Leo Sunβ™Œ
Scorpio Moon♏
Cancer Risingβ™‹
Leo MCβ™Œ
Leo in Venusβ™Œ

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